119 – Kelly Bushings

20 February 2015

Safety while Tripping Pipe

Safety while Tripping Pipe The highest incidence of accidents occurs around the rotary table when workers are making a trip. The reason for this is worker
20 February 2015

The Floorman

The Floorman There are a number of titles for Floorman (or Rotary Helper as some call him). One is the Lead-tong man, another is the Make-up
20 February 2015

Responsibilities of the Floorman

Responsibilities of the Floorman Keep tongs properly balanced and greased.  Lubricate all hinge pins. The one between the tong head and handle is most important. Adjust
20 February 2015

Responsibilities of the Driller

Responsibilities of the Driller The driller should inspect the rig and make sure that all bearings are being greased. The driller should explain to his crew
20 February 2015

Rig Up/Down Elevator Links

Rig Up/Down Elevator Links Elevator Link (The Bails) Care should be taken when rigging up the elevator links.  A pre-job meeting should be held to discuss
20 February 2015

Casing Running Precautions

Casing Running Precautions Running casing can be a hazardous operation for a number of reasons. First, there most likely will be workers present who are not
17 February 2015

Accident Prevention Around the Rotary Table

Accident Prevention Around the Rotary Table The highest frequency of accidents in the drilling industry occurs on the rig floor, and more specifically around the rotary
21 August 2014

Alert 14 – 23 Improper Pulling of Rotary Table Bushing Results in Partial Finger Amputation

26 December 2008

Alert 08 – 42 Dropped Object: Kelly Disconnects from Hook

Alert 08 – 42 Dropped Object: Kelly Disconnects from Hook WHAT HAPPENED: During drilling of the surface hole (12 ¼“), the driller made a connection and started