134 – Well Servicing

23 February 2015

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Radiation is an emotional topic. For many, the mention of the word radiation produces a strong reaction of fear. However, radiation—when treated with healthy
20 February 2015

Perforating Safety

Perforating Safety Operator, Contractor, and perforating Service Company employees are all involved in this type of operation.  The coordination of all activities in connection with a
20 February 2015

Responsibilities of the Driller

Responsibilities of the Driller The driller should inspect the rig and make sure that all bearings are being greased. The driller should explain to his crew
20 February 2015

Drill Stem Testing Safety

Drill Stem Testing Safety These drill stem testing safety recommendations have been prepared to advise operating company employees about actions they can take to influence the
20 February 2015

Catheads and Catlines

Catheads and Catlines To improve safety on drilling rigs, manual catheads with catlines are being replaced with hydraulic and air type winches, but manual catheads with
19 February 2015

Hydrogen Sulfide: Responsibilities and Duties of Personnel

Hydrogen Sulfide: Responsibilities and Duties of Personnel Depending on the rig’s emergency plan for an H2S release, crew personnel should follow their predetermined instructions.  For example,
19 February 2015

Hydrogen Sulfide

19 February 2015

Emergency Evacuation of Rig Floors on Land Rigs

Emergency Evacuation of Rig Floors on Land Rigs When a drilling crew needs to evacuate the rig floor due to an emergency, the evacuation will usually
19 February 2015

Electrical Safety: Static Electricity

Electrical Safety: Static Electricity Most of us are familiar with static electricity.  We all have walked across the rug and reached for the doorknob, only to