Responsibilities of the Driller

Responsibilities of the Driller

The driller should inspect the rig and make sure that all bearings are being greased.

The driller should explain to his crew their job and check frequently to see that they do it properly.

The driller should never break the kelly off with the pump engaged.

Everyone on a crew should know how to stop the drawworks in case of an emergency. This should be determined by actual test.

The driller should stay at the control panel when jetting is being done.

The driller should stay on the brake when the derrickman is greasing the crown and block or conducting other maintenance work in the derrick.

The driller’s job includes seeing that all workers carry out safety rules.  Examples include making sure that rope on the catline doesn’t have any broken strands or frays and ensuring that the tongs have good snub lines and a good die.

When going in the hole, the driller should be careful of hitting bridges.

When the crew is working on the drawworks chain, the driller should be at the controls. Lockout/Tagout procedures should be used.

When greasing the rig, the driller should be sure that the men have removed all tools (grease guns) and closed covers before starting the drawworks.

Always keep tools out from around the control panel and brake.

The driller should never allow an employee to operate the drawworks hoist unless that person fully understands its operation.

The driller should not allow a man to work if he is not fit for duty.

The driller should not keep an employee if he is an unsafe worker.

The driller should instruct experienced personnel to explain the Company’s safety rules to the new employees.

When picking up drill collars off the rack, lift nipples should be hammered up tight.

Never run a line into the hole fast when swabbing.  When picking up a swab, ease into the line with master clutch instead of engaging the sand reel.  Cut out all engines except one motor on one quad to pull sand line.  LISTEN TO THE MOTOR AND DETERMINE IF THE SWAB IS COMING OR IS STUCK.  Keep men off the floor until you can tell swab is coming.  If it hangs up on the way, you have a chance to clear the clutch before the line parts.  Also, make sure you have more than one flag on the line (preferably three) so all won’t wear off.

Investigate thoroughly all incidents.

The driller should see that material is available, suitable and safe for the job.