92 – Stairs

23 February 2015

Working Surface Safety

Working Surface Safety Stair and Handrail Safety Upon rig up of a land rig, the stairs should be securely fastened as soon as they are set
23 February 2015

Preventing Falls

Preventing Falls Each year falls consistently account for a number of fatalities in industry. How do you, as workers, take responsibility to prevent falls at the
23 February 2015

Ladder Safety: Portable and Fixed Ladders

Ladder Safety: Portable and Fixed Ladders People fall off ladders, resulting in injuries that range from bruises, broken bones, or even death.  There are several potential
23 February 2015

Ladders: General Information and Checklist

Ladders: General Information and Checklist Most workers injured in falls from ladders, are less than 10 feet above the ladder’s base.  Portable ladders generally fall into
20 February 2015

Responsibilities of the Driller

Responsibilities of the Driller The driller should inspect the rig and make sure that all bearings are being greased. The driller should explain to his crew
17 February 2015

Safe Use of Ladders

Safe Use of Ladders Ladder safety should not just specify types of ladders for certain jobs but also establish rules for the safe use and maintenance
20 May 2012

Alert 12 – 13 Rigger Sustains Hand Injury During Rig Move

26 June 2008

Alert 08 – 20 Improper Lifting Practice (LTI)

Alert 08 – 20 Improper Lifting Practice (LTI) WHAT HAPPENED: While rigging up the V-door during a rig move, the driller was supervising two floormen who were
3 October 2004

Alert 04 – 43 Employee Slipped While Going Down Stairs

Alert 04 – 43 Employee Slipped While Going Down Stairs WHAT HAPPENED: The employee was about to travel down a flight of stairs with both hands on