66 – Fire Contact

23 February 2015

Windstorm Safety Rules

Windstorm Safety Rules Windstorms are one of the biggest problems in every part of the country, and hurricanes are a particular menace in coastal areas.  Here
23 February 2015

Hand Protection

Hand Protection Almost all jobs require use of the hands.  Driving, typing, building, and even reading a book involves the hands.  Hands are often the most
23 February 2015

Flammable Liquids

Flammable Liquids GASOLINE—or any flammable liquid—is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…a tricky, two-faced character found in almost every plant and home.  Harnessed properly, gasoline serves
23 February 2015

Misuse of Flammable Liquids

Misuse of Flammable Liquids Everyone knows the word flammable and what it means—literally—“will catch fire easily and burn fast”. Inflammable means the same thing and either
23 February 2015

Flammable Liquids: General Information

Flammable Liquids: General Information A flammable liquid is a combustible substance that catches fire and burns easily.  Flammable liquids burn with intensity and few materials can
20 February 2015

Safety Around Mud Cleaning Equipment

Safety Around Mud Cleaning Equipment (Shale Shakers, Desilters, Desanders, Centrifuge) Guards should be properly installed at all times. Guards on mud pump couplers should be in
20 February 2015

Gas and Oxygen Welding and Cutting

Gas and Oxygen Welding and Cutting Welding and cutting can be safe operations, if sound safety rules are followed.  If short cuts are taken or proper
20 February 2015

Drill Stem Testing Safety

Drill Stem Testing Safety These drill stem testing safety recommendations have been prepared to advise operating company employees about actions they can take to influence the
19 February 2015

Welding Safety: General

Welding Safety: General Hazard Overview:  Regardless of the type of welding process, fumes always present an inhalation hazard.  Fumes are actually pieces of metal that were