Safety Around Mud Cleaning Equipment

Safety Around Mud Cleaning Equipment (Shale Shakers, Desilters, Desanders, Centrifuge)

  1. Guards should be properly installed at all times. Guards on mud pump couplers should be in place before pumps are put into operation. Shaker belt and counter weight guards should be in place at all times.
  2. Workers should be aware of the type of drilling mud system in use and review the MSDS sheets for the chemical additives in the drilling mud system.
  3. Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for the type of mud and repair or maintenance service that is being conducted on the equipment (e.g., splash goggles, apron, rubber gloves, hard hat, safety shoes, etc.).
  4. The electrical system components rated for the classification of the area should be properly installed.
  5. Be sure all bolts are in place in the covers of the electric switch and junction boxes.
  6. Check to ensure that electric cords are properly inserted into the box and sealed.
  7. Electrical cords should be in good condition and protected from damage.
  8. Workers should know which breaker(s) in the control house operate the various components of the mud cleaning system.
  9. Do not attempt to work on equipment while it is in operation.
  10. Turn off the power at the control house and turn off the switch at the site.
  11. Use Lockout/Tagout procedures.
  12. When machines are running, stay clear of vibrators.
  13. When working on a desilter or desander cone, shut power off and lockout and tagout the control. Take care to prevent mud from spraying into your eyes.
  14. Working platform: Have good footing around equipment.   Depending on the location of the equipment to be worked on, it may be necessary to have guardrails or other fall prevention system in place.
  15. Mud tank walkways should be properly installed so that the crew members can walk on them without slipping or falling. Keep hoses, tools, etc., picked up and off the walking surface.
  16. Mud lines, valves and connections should be checked for internal wear periodically and replaced as necessary.
  17. If jet type of system is used to clean pits, the driller must remain at the mud pump controls at all times while the jetting is ongoing.
  18. All high pressure hoses should have safety snub lines and be properly hobbled.