IADC Managed Pressure Drilling

IADC’s Managed Pressure Drilling accreditation program provides comprehensive training for the global drilling industry, emphasizing rigorous training for every person with MPD operation responsibilities. Our Managed Pressure Drilling program provides trainees with in-depth knowledge, well-honed role-specific skills, and greater confidence that they know what to do to prevent and handle MPD incidents.

MPD operations are held with regard for personnel safety, public safety, and preservation of the environment in such diverse conditions as urban sites, wilderness areas, ocean platforms, deep water sites, hot barren desserts, and cold weather areas.

About the Program

Developed by IADC members representing operators, drilling contractors, well servicing companies, professional trainers, and MPD subject matter experts, in collaboration with IADC’s Well Control Committee and other industry groups.

IADC’s Managed Pressure Drilling accreditation generally conforms with and supports API’s Recommended Practices 92M, 92P, and 92S.

Program Highlights

Program covers information for planning, installation, testing and operation of wells drilled with both Surface Back Pressure Managed Pressure Drilling and drilling rigs with surface and subsea blow out preventers (BOPs), as well as general awareness of other MPD variance operations.

Addresses recommended practices for pressurized mud cap drilling (PMCD) from a floating rig with a subsea BOP stack.

Program covers Managed Pressure Drilling Operations Matrix, which is used as a decision-making tool for unplanned influx incidents.

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Accredited Training Providers

IADC makes every attempt to keep the information here up to date, but the status of an accredited program may change before this page can be updated. Please contact IADC if you need verification of a provider’s status.

Full accreditation may be granted to any program that, in the exclusive judgment of the Panel, meets the Criteria in a satisfactory manner.


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Managed Pressure Drilling approved courses:

  • Introductory (E-Learning)

Training Provider Resources

Accredited and pending IADC Managed Pressure Drilling training providers may use the link below to access important documents, forms, and other important communications that may affect your program.

Accredited Training Providers

Options for Accredited Training Providers

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IADC Certificates of Completion

Everyone who successfully completes an IADC accredited course must be issued a Certificate of Completion. The completion certificate or wallet card may be issued electronically or printed in-house. Certificates may only be issued by training providers whose accreditation is in good standing at the time of the course.

Need to verify the validity of an IADC Certificate of Completion?

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To verify the validity of an IADC Certificate of Completion, you may also send an email to records@iadc.org. Please include a copy of the certificate, if available. If no certificate is available, your request should include the students name and the IADC certificate number.