DrillersPAC Terms & Conditions

This donation is made voluntarily based on my specific understanding that:

  1. I am not required to make contributions to DrillersPAC as a condition of my employment or position;
  2. I have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal;
  3. The contribution amounts described are merely suggestions and I can contribute more, less, or nothing, without benefit or disadvantage to my employment status;
  4. Under applicable laws, only eligible individuals who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents may contribute to DrillersPAC;
  5. DrillersPAC uses the contributions it receives for political purposes that will benefit our industry—including making contributions to and expenditures on behalf of candidates for federal, state, and local offices, and addressing important political issues;
  6. Contributions to DrillersPAC are not tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Important Notes

  1. U.S. federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside the restricted class and such contributions will be returned to the contributor.
  2. DrillersPAC is required by law to make its best efforts to obtain and report donor information.


Please contact DrillersPAC@iadc.org.