70 – Gas Exposure

23 February 2015

That Sneaky Gas: Carbon Monoxide

That Sneaky Gas: Carbon Monoxide Talk of poor ventilation brings to mind thoughts of a stuffy closet or a spare room or attic that has been
23 February 2015

Windstorm Safety Rules

Windstorm Safety Rules Windstorms are one of the biggest problems in every part of the country, and hurricanes are a particular menace in coastal areas.  Here
23 February 2015

Face Protection

Face Protection The eyes and face are subject to injury from many kinds of hazards in all types of industries. Cuts, burns, rashes, blindness and scarring
23 February 2015

Emergency Showers and Eyewashes

Emergency Showers and Eyewashes An emergency eyewash, or eyewash and shower should be provided whenever employees are exposed to corrosive materials.  Make sure your facility eyewash
23 February 2015

Eye Protection: Preserve your Vision

Eye Protection: Preserve your Vision This safety meeting will require some effort on your part!  I’m assigning everyone a homework task.  But don’t panic—this homework will
23 February 2015

Flammable Liquids

Flammable Liquids GASOLINE—or any flammable liquid—is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…a tricky, two-faced character found in almost every plant and home.  Harnessed properly, gasoline serves
23 February 2015

Misuse of Flammable Liquids

Misuse of Flammable Liquids Everyone knows the word flammable and what it means—literally—“will catch fire easily and burn fast”. Inflammable means the same thing and either
23 February 2015

Flammable Liquids: General Information

Flammable Liquids: General Information A flammable liquid is a combustible substance that catches fire and burns easily.  Flammable liquids burn with intensity and few materials can
20 February 2015

Safety while Tripping Pipe

Safety while Tripping Pipe The highest incidence of accidents occurs around the rotary table when workers are making a trip. The reason for this is worker