Safety while Tripping Pipe

Safety while Tripping Pipe

The highest incidence of accidents occurs around the rotary table when workers are making a trip. The reason for this is worker exposure to the hazards for a greater length of time than they would experience while making a single connection.

Pre-Trip Checklist

  1. The rotary table and surrounding work area should have a mat or covering to prevent slips or falls.
  2. Pick up all tools and items from around the rotary table that could cause a fall.
  3. Inspect tong jaws, tong pins, tong dies, tong snub and pull back lines.
    1. Be sure the tong dies are sharp and not broken.
    2. Be sure the tong jaws and elevator are well lubricated and that all pins, nuts and bolts are in place.
  4. Always wear goggles when changing tong dies.
  5. Inspect elevator hinge, ears and securing bolts, and service the elevators latch and hinge pin.
  6. Inspect the mud bucket.
  7. Inspect slip dies, die keepers, handles and handle attachment pins and lubricate back of slip body.
  8. Inspect the drill collar clamp.
    1. Be sure all pins are in place with the proper keepers.
    2. Check the dies to ensure they are sharp and keepers are in place.
  9. Be sure all crewmen are mentally alert and ready to work.
  10. The derrickman is responsible to check the derrick board and derrick for loose objects that might become dropped objects.
  11. Be sure proper PPE is being worn:
    1. Hard hat
    2. Safety glasses
    3. Safety boots or shoes
    4. Work gloves
    5. Proper clothing
    6. No loose fitting clothing or jewelry

Precautions while making a trip:

  1. During the trip, keep the surface of the work area as clean and dry as possible.
  2. Stand on the rotary guard, not the rotary.
  3. Keep feet clear of slip handles.
  4. Prevent horseplay of any kind.
  5. Be alert. Watch the driller and other co-workers for signals.
  6. Keep feet off the rotary when it is turning.
  7. Keep feet clear when setting slips.
  8. Grip slip handles with palms facing up.
  9. Do not stand under elevators or between pipe being hoisted and the joint of pipe in rotary table when picking up or laying down drill pipe or drill collars.
  10. Never let drill pipe or drill collars swing free. If necessary use a tagline.
  11. Keep feet from under pipe, drill collars, and installed safety clamps.
  12. Keep hands off the elevator bail eyes.
  13. Keep hands off the stump of pipe in the rotary or mouse hole.
  14. Only place hands on tong handles.
  15. Keep hands off of the tong latch except to open the tongs.
  16. Keep an eye on swinging tongs at all times.
  17. Stand clear of the spinning chain.
  18. Never put your hand on top of the drill pipe or collar box at any time.
  19. Always stand clear of tongs and elevators when the driller is making up a connection.
  20. Use extreme care when placing hands on pipe, collars and tongs
  21. Maintain coordination between the driller and crewmembers at all times.
  22. Use sufficient help when setting and pulling slips.