117 – Pumps

20 February 2015

Working on Mud Pumps

Working on Mud Pumps Lockout the pump before working on it!  Most mechanical rigs are equipped with a safety control valve for the pump located at
20 February 2015

Safety while Repairing and Replacing Drive Chains and Greasing the Rig

Safety while Repairing and Replacing Drive Chains and Greasing the Rig Drive Chain Repair:  Drive chains are used in the drawworks, compound, as drives between the compound
20 February 2015

The Motorman Should

The Motorman Should Check the condition of oil in the gearbox — there should be no water. See that air cleaners are cleaned on schedule. Know
20 February 2015

Do You – As a Motorman?

Do You – As a Motorman? Engage the clutch slowly when putting an engine with a clutch into service. Never attempt to make any repairs on
19 February 2015

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding Guarding of moving parts of machines and equipment is important to the safety of oilfield workers.  A Hazard Assessment of the equipment on a
19 February 2015

General Safety – Do You?

General Safety – Do You? Ladder and Step Safety Make sure that ladders are bolted to the derrick and all bolts and rungs in the ladder
17 February 2015

Blowout Prevention

Blowout Prevention Blowouts are the most feared occurrence on a drilling rig because they can result in injury or death to personnel, loss of equipment (including
16 December 2013

Alert 13 – 28 Sudden Ice Plug Release Results in Struck-By Injury

20 September 2012

Alert 12 – 24 Misuse of High Pressure Cleaner Results in Injury