The Motorman Should

The Motorman Should

Check the condition of oil in the gearbox — there should be no water.

See that air cleaners are cleaned on schedule.

Know that the primary filter should be drained daily (checking for water).

Note:  The oil in the compound should have no water. See that all chains are getting oil.

Stop all oil leaks on engines.

Check all blower box drains and make sure they are open.

Report engine repair needs to the toolpusher immediately.

See that all fan belts are kept tight.  Check tension when unit is down.

Be sure belt guards are in place.

Report cooling system leaks at once.

Keep the floor beneath the engines washed down to help prevent fire hazards.

Know that tool rests should be used on electric grinders and should have no more than 1/8” clearance between the tool rest and the wheel.

Know that different grade viscosity oils should not be mixed (e.g., regular, heavy duty).

Not wear loose clothes, as they might get caught in machinery.

Always be sure guards are over pump shaft.

Have fire extinguishers handy, charged and in good operating condition.

Keep oil and grease off engine floor.

Make a check of the motors every 10 to 15 minutes.

Keep the flywheel guard on the engines.

Know that radiator caps should not be removed with bare hands.

Check all drain plugs for tightness and oil leaks.

Make sure that the motor is stopped and checked when running hotter than recommended manufacturer’s operating temperature.

Check the oil level in the crankcase and the water in the radiators each hour.

Shut the fuel off on engines when not running to keep them from forming a fuel lock.

Be sure all shafts on the compound have stopped turning before trying to engage spline clutch.

Check oil pressure and temperature at least every 15 minutes on all engines.

Have a rubber mat or board platform in front of switch box and switch generators.

Be sure oil cans and drums are kept where they won’t get water in them.

Should try and keep the same amount of running hours on each engine.

Always be sure to use the recommended oil in air compressors.

Be sure the oil tanks are clean and oil is put in the proper tanks.