91 – Electrical Room

20 February 2015

The Motorman Should

The Motorman Should Check the condition of oil in the gearbox — there should be no water. See that air cleaners are cleaned on schedule. Know
20 February 2015

Do You – As a Motorman?

Do You – As a Motorman? Engage the clutch slowly when putting an engine with a clutch into service. Never attempt to make any repairs on
20 February 2015

Engine and Generator Safety

Engine and Generator Safety Engine Safety Procedures When working on an engine clutch or transmission, it should be locked in a neutral position. Utilize a lockout/tagout
19 February 2015

Electrical Safety: Static Electricity

Electrical Safety: Static Electricity Most of us are familiar with static electricity.  We all have walked across the rug and reached for the doorknob, only to
19 February 2015

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety How much current does it take to kill?  There are many instances where persons have survived 30,000 and 40,000 volts while many other cases
22 November 2013

Alert 13 – 26 Failure of Lifting Eyebolt Results in Dropped Object