48 – Arms

23 February 2015

First Aid: General

First Aid: General First Aid is the immediate care given by a person to another who has been injured or has been suddenly taken ill. A.
23 February 2015

Spider Bites

Spider Bites The danger of spider bites:  Most spiders are harmless, with the exception of the black widow and the brown recluse spiders (sometimes called the
23 February 2015

Manifestations of Specific Drugs

Manifestations of Specific Drugs The classifications of Controlled Substances are: 1. Narcotics: Opium, Heroin, Codeine, Morphine, Methadone 2. Depressants: Barbiturates, Tranquilizers, Chloral Hydrate, Methaqualone 3. Stimulants:
23 February 2015

Identification of Chemical Abusers in Work Areas

Identification of Chemical Abusers in Work Areas SICK LEAVE—unusually high medical treatment records and excessive sick leave. Frequent unexplained ABSENTEEISM. Reporting for work late frequently and
23 February 2015

Work Clothes as Protective Equipment

Work Clothes as Protective Equipment Every workplace has hazards, ranging from the possibility of fire or explosion, exposure to toxic chemicals, to being scratched or scraped
23 February 2015

Chain Saw Safety Awareness

Chain Saw Safety Awareness Working with a chain saw on a day-to-day basis requires the development and follow-through of strong, never-fail safety habits.  In the blink
20 February 2015

Use and Care of Spinning Chain

Use and Care of Spinning Chain The spinning chain is basically a strong, efficient working tool. However, overloading, faulty rigging, or general mishandling can render it
19 February 2015

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts Who is responsible for your safety on the job?  Is it the government, the company, your boss or the other members of
18 February 2015

First Aid for Insect Bites

First Aid for Insect Bites Symptoms of a Scorpion Sting Immediate pain or burning sensation. Often no sting site is seen and very little if any