10 – Surveys

23 February 2015

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Radiation is an emotional topic. For many, the mention of the word radiation produces a strong reaction of fear. However, radiation—when treated with healthy
20 February 2015

Perforating Safety

Perforating Safety Operator, Contractor, and perforating Service Company employees are all involved in this type of operation.  The coordination of all activities in connection with a
19 February 2015

Confined Space Entry: General

Confined Space Entry: General Accurate identification is an important aspect of making a safe entry into a confined space.  Not all confined spaces will be considered
17 February 2015

Fire Protection and Prevention

Fire Protection and Prevention The word fire is used to signify the wasteful destruction of combustibles.  Strangely enough, man and fire have much in common.  Neither
16 August 2013

Alert 13 – 19 Conflicting Procedures Results in Restricted Work Case

19 February 2012

Alert 12 – 05 Near Miss – Track Hoe Contacts 5 KV Power Cable

20 January 2011

Alert 11 – 01 Sand Line Flagging Operation Results in Fatality

24 July 2010

Alert 10 – 19 Dropped Object Results in a Restricted Work Case

21 May 2010

Alert 10 – 15 Lifeboat Property Damage Incident