28 – Raising or Lowering Mast

20 February 2015

SAFETY: From Rig Up to Spud

SAFETY: From Rig Up to Spud Each crewmember should be assigned certain jobs while rigging up or down. All personnel should become acquainted with the rig
20 February 2015

Rigging Up/Down

Rigging Up/Down Pre-job planning should be done to determine the safest and most efficient means to do the job.  Once the rig move planning has been
20 February 2015

Raising and Lowering the Mast

Raising and Lowering the Mast Always completely warm up engines and check to be sure there is sufficient fuel. Check brakes, pins and shoes (If necessary
20 February 2015

Crane Safety: Rigging and Slinging

Crane Safety: Rigging and Slinging Making the lift. Only trained operators designated in writing by the company should be allowed to operate a crane.  The only
20 February 2015

Crane Safety

Crane Safety Be sure that all tools, oil cans, grease guns and rags are stored in a tool box and all of clothing (such as a
20 February 2015

Crane Equipment Safety

Crane Equipment Safety Many crane accidents occur because the crane was used to lift more than its rated capacity.  Crane accidents are generally serious and always
19 February 2015

General Safety – Do You?

General Safety – Do You? Ladder and Step Safety Make sure that ladders are bolted to the derrick and all bolts and rungs in the ladder
19 February 2014

Alert 14 – 04 Blocks Fall to Rig Floor After Drill Line Came Off of the Drawworks

1 July 2013

Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality