Rig Up/Down Elevator Links

Rig Up/Down Elevator Links

Elevator Link (The Bails)

Care should be taken when rigging up the elevator links.  A pre-job meeting should be held to discuss the hazards that are involved.  The pre-job meeting should assist in clearing up communication issues.

  1. First the crew should gather the tools needed and check to ensure that they are in good condition.
  2. The blocks should be lowered to near the rig floor so that personnel do not have to work overhead.
  3. The link latches on each side of the blocks should be opened.
  4. One link should be picked up with a rig floor winch.
  5. Use a designated flagman.
  6. Take care in the placement of hands.
  7. Care should be taken to keep the link from swinging. Attach a tag line.
  8. Crewmen need to position themselves out of the path of a link in case it swings.
  9. Take note of which way the block is turned and which link goes to which side of the hook. (The slightly curved end of the link should curve to the inside).
  10. Maneuver the larger loop in the link to the open latch and slowly lower the link until the loop rests in the latch. Workers need to watch for pinch points and keep hands clear.  Do not stand underneath the link.
  11. Close the latch and tighten the bolt. Use proper tools while tightening the bolt.
  12. Slowly lower the links until they are vertical or resting on the rig floor. Remove the air winch line and tag line.  Secure the air winch line out of the way.  Take care to keep the line out from the blocks or other overhead equipment.


  1. Once the blocks are raised and the links are vertical, the elevators can be attached.
  2. Position the lower end of the links to a height that is comfortable for the crewmen to attach the elevators.
  3. Attach the rig floor winch to the back handle of the elevator. Watch for pinch points and be aware of hand placement.
  4. Raise the elevators with the link latches open and install the lower latch on the link first.
  5. Slowly slack off the air winch and place the other side latch into the link eye.
  6. Close the link latches and tighten the bolts. Place the bolt with the nut end facing the horns (elevator latch).
  7. Slowly lower the elevator and remove the rig floor winch cable.
  8. Clean up the area and return tools and equipment to storage area.