The Floorman

The Floorman

There are a number of titles for Floorman (or Rotary Helper as some call him). One is the Lead-tong man, another is the Make-up tong man, and another is the Pipe Racker. Each of these workers has specific duties while working on the rig floor but they must work together in preparing for a trip and when making the trip.

Preparing for a Trip or Connection

1. Inspect tongs and see that they are well lubricated and that all pins, bolts and nuts are in place.
2. Inspect the tong dies to ensure that they are sharp and not broken.
3. Inspect snub and jerk lines before each trip for tightness of clamps or damage to the cable.
4. Inspect tongs and snub lines; check inside of snub line loop for broken strands.
5. Always wear goggles to change tong dies.
6. Use ball peen hammer on tong dies, or the drill collar clamp, or on steel. Never use a hatchet.
7. Don’t hit the side of the clamp with hammer. Hit the top of the clamp pins.
8. Keep the rotary table surface clean. Non-slip material should be placed around the rotary table.

Making a Trip

1. Lead Tong man:
a. Catch back handle of elevators and pull back away from pipe. Keep hands off of elevator bails.
b. Stabbing pipe: Keep hands off of tongs or pipe in hole when receiving pipe from Pipe Racker to stab.
c. Keep feet clear from below tongs when stabbing pipe.
d. Dope box of drill pipe.
2. Make-up Tong Man
a. Assist Pipe Racker in racking drill pipe back.
b. Keep hands clear of tong handles when Pipe Racker is passing pipe to Lead Tong man to stab.
3. All Rig Floor Personnel
a. Always stand on rotary guard—not on rotary. Keep feet clear of slip handles.
b. Keep hands off of tong latches, except to open tongs.
c. Keep fingers out of tong jaws.
d. Keep an eye on swinging tongs at all times.
e. Never put hands on top of pipe at any time.
f. When making up final torque or breaking out drill collars, stay out from between the tongs and drawworks. Stay out of this area if it is necessary to break an overly tight drill pipe connection.
g. Keep hands from between tongs and pipe.
h. Stand clear of spinning chain.
i. Give pipe a push to get to Pipe Racker.
j. Put hands on elevator ears—not on the bails.
k. Lead Tong Man should help Pipe Racker pull pipe back.
l. All three men lift slips together.
m. When setting pipe in the mouse hole, keep pipe clear of kelly and drive bushing; don’t pick pipe up clear of floor so it will be left swinging free in the derrick.
n. When letting down drill pipe, don’t stand between elevators and the pipe in the rotary.
o. When picking up drill pipe, don’t stand between pipe in V-door and pipe in rotary.
p. Make sure all lift nipples and drill collars are hammered up tight before picking up drill collars off the pipe rack. Be sure protectors are on the pin end of the collars.
q. While swabbing only necessary men should be on the floor.
r. Keep the floor washed down and tools picked up and in place when not in use.
4. Pipe Racker
a. Keep feet from under pipe on trip in and trip out of hole.
b. Stay clear of the jerk line and spin chain when making up pipe.
c. Trip out: Keep hands on elevator horns when latching onto pipe.
d. Trip out: Be sure the elevator latch closes all the way when closing on the pipe.
e. Never let pipe swing free to the lead-tong man—break the swing.
f. Trip in: Know that elevators are latched before attempting to tail or stab pipe.
g. Missed stab: Wait for driller to raise pipe when set on shoulder—do not try to force it.