Responsibilities of the Floorman

Responsibilities of the Floorman

Keep tongs properly balanced and greased.  Lubricate all hinge pins. The one between the tong head and handle is most important.

Adjust the tong counter weight as needed.  Don’t tie additional weight to tong counterweight.

Keep the tongs level and adjust as needed.

Keep good pins and dies in tongs.

When the kelly is being pulled back to put in rat hole, never stand between the kelly and tongs or in line between the kelly and the pipe in the rotary.

Check the kelly, pull back the cable, make sure it is a safe and proper hook on the end of the pull back cable, and secure the hook in the kelly bushing where it won’t pull loose.

All tools should be picked up and hung on the rack.  Repair or replace them as necessary.

Use the rig floor hoist to get drill collar subs from the rack.  Put the subs back on the rack after use.

Stand clear of the jerk line while making up pipe.

Never use a hatchet on steel.  Use a ball peen hammer.

Grind down all mushroomed hammers and chisels.

The man using the breakout tongs should always keep a stiff arm on tongs.

When changing tong dies, be sure to wear goggles.

Never have feet under pipe when the pipe is going in the hole.

Always keep non-skid material around the rotary.

Keep the rotary and rig floor clear of mud and other materials that could create slip and trip hazards.

Lubricate and inspect the elevator latch and elevator hinge pin before each trip.

Have the elevator latched before letting the driller pick up on pipe.

If the catwalk is covered with boards, it should be free of all broken boards and the boards should be bolted at both ends.

The catwalk should be kept clear so a person can get out of the way if something goes wrong.

Never stand on the catwalk as drill pipe, casing, or drill collars are being picked up into the V-door.

When using a lay-down line, everyone should watch the lay-down line pulley as it comes up the line.

The man unlatching the pipe should be careful not to let the drill pipe trap him against something.

The man on the pipe rack should be careful not to slip on the slippery drill pipe. He should stand back from the catwalk when pipe is coming out the V-door as the pipe may slip off the trolley and fall unpredictably.

Men on floor should watch the man unlatching elevators and stay clear of them.

Pipe should be handled in such a way that boxes and pins will not be damaged.  Pipe should not be dropped a distance far enough to damage it.

It is each man’s responsibility to notify the driller as soon as he sees something wrong.