77 – Rig Floor

17 February 2015

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines

Use and Misuse of Tail-Lines Remember!  A tail-line is actually a lifeline, and your life or someone else’s life may depend on the safety afforded by
17 February 2015

Fall Protection Guidelines

Fall Protection Guidelines The purpose of these guidelines is to keep workers from falling six feet or more from an elevation, and to prevent tools and
17 February 2015

Fire: Easier to Prevent Than to Put Out

Fire: Easier to Prevent Than to Put Out Vulcan was the Roman god of fire, and each year on August 23rd Roman families threw fish into
17 February 2015

Fire Safety Know How

Fire Safety Know How In the winter there is a great chance of fire because stoves are lighted for warmth and to keep lines from freezing. 
17 February 2015

Fire Protection and Prevention

Fire Protection and Prevention The word fire is used to signify the wasteful destruction of combustibles.  Strangely enough, man and fire have much in common.  Neither
17 February 2015

Blowout Prevention

Blowout Prevention Blowouts are the most feared occurrence on a drilling rig because they can result in injury or death to personnel, loss of equipment (including
17 February 2015

Accident Prevention Around the Rotary Table

Accident Prevention Around the Rotary Table The highest frequency of accidents in the drilling industry occurs on the rig floor, and more specifically around the rotary
24 November 2014

Alert 14 – 29 Personnel Basket Failure – Serious Near Hit

21 August 2014

Alert 14 – 24 Three Instances of Uncontrolled Descent of the Traveling Block Assembly