135 – Equipment Damage

19 February 2015

Vehicles: Seeing While You Drive

Vehicles: Seeing While You Drive Using your eyes properly can make you a better driver.  Here are a few tips: Be a “shifty” character!  Your eyes
19 February 2015

Vehicle Safety: A Fast Mile May be Your Last Mile

Vehicle Safety: A Fast Mile May be Your Last Mile The driver who gets real pleasure out of motoring, wants to get where he is going
19 February 2015

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety Parking Brakes Use the vehicle’s parking brake.  Brakes properly applied are well able to do their work. Seat Belt Safety Facts Seat belts cut
19 February 2015

Care and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders

Care and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders Compressed gas cylinders have many uses around the rig, such as charging accumulator bottles, charging mud pump bladders, welding
19 February 2015

Why Have Safety Meetings?

Why Have Safety Meetings? Records indicate that drillers who regularly hold crew safety meetings have fewer accidents, less drilling trouble and do a better over-all job
19 February 2015

Who’s Responsible?

Who’s Responsible? When an accident happens, the blame is usually placed on someone or some thing.  Many times the cause of the accident is never really
19 February 2015

Which Is It?

Which Is It? “LOST-TIME ACCIDENT” or “DISABLING INJURY” “NO-LOST-TIME ACCIDENT” or “MINOR INJURY” For many years, we have used the term “Lost-Time Accidents” to refer to
19 February 2015

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts

Dangerous Thinking and Thoughts Who is responsible for your safety on the job?  Is it the government, the company, your boss or the other members of
17 February 2015

Fire Protection and Prevention

Fire Protection and Prevention The word fire is used to signify the wasteful destruction of combustibles.  Strangely enough, man and fire have much in common.  Neither