Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

University of Wyoming Student Chapter Welcomes New Officers

IADC would like to congratulate and welcome the newest set of officers for the IADC University of Wyoming Student Chapter:

  • Josh Stone – President
  • Julian Dawkins – Vice President
  • Pierson Lauterbach – Secretary
  • Cody Zayonc – Treasurer

The University of Wyoming Student Chapter, which was formed in 2019, has some exciting events planned for their students this semester. The chapter has organized a selection of alumni guest speakers to present to the current students. They’ve scheduled an IADC Well Control Training course in March for any students who are interested in participating. They’re also planning to take a field trip/rig tour in Colorado with Ensign this spring. Informal events, such as student socials, will also be offered to give students a chance to interact and network outside the classroom. We hope all of our participating students at the IADC University of Wyoming Student Chapter have a wonderful semester!

IADC Student Chapters

IADC’s Student Chapter program was started in 2017 when the need for a formal vehicle for engaging with the next generation of young professionals was identified. At that time, students were also expressing a desire for opportunities to engage with the drilling industry while still in school. The IADC Student Chapter program serves as a supplement to the academic aspect provided by the universities. The Chapters provide unique opportunities for students to learn about the practical side of the industry and their future professions. These opportunities generally consist of attending conferences, rig tours, and other industry events.