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Washington D.C. Updates for January 2022

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White House

The White House is currently awaiting word from the Supreme Court after they hear arguments on January 7th pertaining to the validity of the COVID Mandate stay, or whether the Supreme court will validate the current circuit court decision to overturn the stay and allow the administration to continue forward with its plans for a COVID mandate.


Senate committees have been updating the House-passed $2.2 trillion climate and social spending package text to ensure it complies with budget reconciliation rules, but most have yet to begin the formal review process with the Senate parliamentarian known as “the Byrd bath.” Senate MajorityLeader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., sent a “Dear Colleague”letter on Monday reiterating his goal to pass the legislation in the Senate before Christmas. But the update he provided on the procedural steps needed to get their suggests senators will be lucky if they can meet that deadline.

Recent public reporting suggests that Sen. Manchin will likely call for the removal of several Natural Resources Committee provisions found in the House-passed version of the BBB/reconciliation bill, as follows. This is a tentative list:

Staying in the Bill:

  • Fees on non-producing leases
  • Increases to onshore federal royalty rate
  • Increased fees/restrictions on bonding

Leaving the Bill:

  • Most of the rest of HNR mark-up
  • Offshore royalty rates
  • Perhaps the methane fee

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