Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Updates from the Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter

Q4 Meeting

On 10 November, the IADC Southern Arabian Peninsula Chapter (SAPC) hosted its Q4 Chapter meeting in Dubai, UAE. The meeting, which had almost 100 attendees, opened with Chapter updates provided by SAPC Chairman Wayne Bauer. This was followed by updates regarding committees, workgroups, IADC headquarters, and the Chapter’s 2024 golf tournament. Annual board elections were held for the Chapter, with the following results: 

Treasurer: Steve Taylor – Connect Energy – Unopposed  (William Devoto – Safar Oilfield – stepped down after serving for 9 years)

Secretary: Gareth Burrows – Allrig – Standing Unopposed

Vice Chairman: Doug McEwan – Borr Drilling – Standing Unopposed

Chairman: Wayne Bauer – Vantage Drilling – Standing Unopposed

The elections were followed by guest presentations on the topics of “Rig Moves for Onshore Operations,” “Learning from the Future,” and “ATPI Halo – Navigating a Sustainable Travel & Events Programme in a Changing Environment.”

Upcoming Events: 

Next Chapter Meeting – 9 February 2024

Annual Golf Tournament – 29 February – 1 March 2024 

Charity Workgroup – Update on Water Well Project in Ghana

In line with its commitment to community development, the IADC SAPC, in partnership with the Dubai Charity Association, proudly announces an update on the water well project in Kumasi, Shanti Region, Ghana. This initiative, which commenced in October 2021, exemplifies the core mission of the Chapter to “Meet, Share, and Make A Difference.”

The Charity Workgroup has been instrumental in raising funds for this vital project. Through the generous contributions of teams participating in the annual golf tournament and social evening events held at Top Golf, significant progress has been made toward the Chapter’s goal of supporting communities in need. As of the present year, a total of seven water wells have been drilled across various regions in Africa and the Far East, positively impacting the lives of thousands of individuals.
A delegation from the Dubai Charity Association conducted a site visit to the SAPC project in Ghana in September 2023. The Chapter is pleased to report that all project specifications have been meticulously verified, and the water well is being utilized effectively, bringing sustainable water access to the local community of over 250 people and their livestock.
The IADC SAPC remains steadfast in its dedication to charitable endeavors and looks forward to continuing its meaningful contributions to global welfare.
If you are a member of the Chapter and would like to join the Charity Workgroup, please contact charity@sapc-iadc.org

Participation in the IADC Drilling Middle East Conference

Representatives from the SAPC attended the IADC Drilling Middle East Conference in Saudi Arabia from 14-15 November. During the conference, SAPC Chairman Wayne Bauer provided attendees with updates from the Chapter. On the first evening of the conference, SAPC Members joined other IADC representatives at an informal IADC networking dinner.