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North Dakota Student Chapters for SPE & IADC Collaborate on Carbon Capture Event

At the end of last week, the SPE & IADC Student Chapters at the University of North Dakota hosted an event with over 180 in attendance. The two student chapters hosted 12 workshop presentations by 11 speakers during this one-day virtual workshop. This event was a unique opportunity to discuss current Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) initiatives and address related challenges, including subsurface geologic storage, CO₂ enhanced hydrocarbon recovery, reservoir monitoring and risk assessment, case studies, industry applications, economics, incentives, policy and infrastructure,  and non-technical considerations.

Importance of CCUS to the Next Generation

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a field that appeared in response to high carbon emissions and the proven impact they have on climate change and global warming. Countries and industry leaders are actively supporting the research and development of technologies that can assist in achieving the goal of net-zero gas emissions.

As a signal from the next generation of young professionals entering the workforce, the continuing focus on Sustainability and ESG is an important one to mind as we innovate for the future.