Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Strengthening Your Recruiting Efforts: New Research & Datapoints Now Available

We would like to inform you of a project IADC recently undertook called the Industry Value Initiative (IVI), which is aimed at addressing one of the greatest current challenges in our industry – recruiting.   

A workgroup made up of IADC Member companies commissioned research as a part this initiative to: 

  1. Identify negative perceptions and lack of understanding of the drilling industry among prospective employees.
  2. Explore key messages that resonate most to address these negative perceptions and misunderstandings. 
  3. Pinpoint the most effective channels of communication to reach key audiences. 

The IVI research uncovered data and insights that we believe will provide value to IADC Member companies in your recruiting efforts. The Industry Value Initiative Executive Summary below provides a high-level overview of research findings and opportunities available for your company. Please note the opportunities to learn more and maximize value on page 10.

Secondly, the Detailed Workforce Survey Findings below provides a more thorough review of the research outcomes and recruiting messaging recommendations. 

We welcome you to share this information within your company. 

Please contact Angie Gunden with questions: angie.gunden@iadc.org