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SPE/IADC Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference is Next Week

After an unprecedented year for an industry normally used to the highs and lows of economic cycles, COVID-19 has brought into sharp focus the importance of turning challenges into opportunities for the Drilling and Wells community.

In order to create conversation about how resilience can be built into an institutional component of an organization, SPE/IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference and Exhibition will hold a panel discussion titled “How do we Turn the Current Challenges into Opportunities for our Industry?

This plenary session is intended to discuss what challenges and opportunities they have encountered and the importance of collaboration and innovation for now and for the future. An audience Q&A will follow.

Bruce Niemeyer, Vice President, Strategy and Sustainability, Chevron
John Lindsay, President and CEO, Helmerich & Payne
Hinda Gharbi, Executive Vice President – Services & Equipment, Schlumberger
Paul Hodgins, Chief Medical Officer, ConocoPhillips

Barbara Lasley, Sr. Well Delivery Manager, GoM – BP

In recent years, our industry has demonstrated its ability to increase efficiency, innovate, develop and make use of new technology. Now more than ever, the world is demanding cleaner and more affordable energy to remain resilient we must look at:

  • How are we operating and using resources and expertise to successfully manage remote operations? What new business models, if any, are companies introducing?
  • Given the current pandemic conditions, how are companies developing a global workforce?
  • What technology has been implemented to comply with low carbon requirements without increasing the cost of wells?
  • Case studies of reduced operational methane and carbon emissions through investment and process optimisations
  • Looking beyond: what is the future?

Read more about the program on the SPE/IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference and Exhibition page.