Monthly eNewsletter from the IADC

Rig Moving Subcommittee Holds Important Discussion on Road Safety

The IADC Rig Moving Subommittee — which operates under the Health, Safety, Environment & Training (HSET) Committee — recently held a meeting in Odessa, Texas. The topic of the meeting was road safety in the Permian Basin. State Troopers were invited to attend and present on road safety in the region. In addition, the Texas Department of Transportation presented on upcoming construction plans. The overall goal of the informative meeting was to educate the Rig Moving Subcommittee on recent crash statistics and to discuss incidents and how improvements could be made. The Subcommittee is renewing its focus on safety in general and road safety specifically. Rig moves have certain risks and dangers associated with them, and this Subcommittee is actively working together to improve rig moves and motor vehicle safety in the Permian Basin.