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Onshore Safety Alliance Rolls Out with 22 Companies + 6 Trade Associations

Continuous safety improvement is foundational within the industry. That’s why the 22 companies and 6 trade associations recently announced the launch of the Offshore Safety Alliance (OSA) Program. Representing operators, drilling contractors and well servicing companies, OSA is a collaborative effort to continuously improve its safety record to zero incidents.

OSA’s 4 Core Program Components

The OSA program is structured around a company’s 5 areas of operations:

  1. Participant Actions
  2. Resource Library
  3. Data Collection & Benchmarking
  4. Industry Sharing & Learning

Working Together

As a joint industry initiative, OSA’s initial focus & program success will be growing participation. For the industry, this provides an opportunity for stronger collaboration, sharing, & harmonization of safety practices.

After the industry’s participation increases, OSA will pivot its focus to growing program & sharing industry improvements. Armed with better data analytics, the industry will be well positioned to identify any emerging safety issues affecting the safety of the industry’s workforce.