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Onshore Drilling Panel on the Redefined Landscape of Safety Training

As we emerge from a period of inactivity for many drilling rigs, it is important to understand the obligations and responsibilities that are associated with ongoing safety training.

In order to create conversation about how the industry will switch gears to meet the coming demand, IADC 2021 Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition will hold a panel discussion titled “Reshaping Safety Orientations.

This interactive panel session focuses on separating fact from fiction and addressing the misconceptions surrounding safety orientation programs. Industry associations and organizations are working collaboratively to reshape safety orientations while ensuring programs are driven by industry need and fit for purpose.


In this interactive panel session, speakers will address industry misconceptions, highlight enhancements and new initiatives, and provide an open forum for participant Q & A.

The Drilling Onshore Conference continues to be the only event specifically targeting onshore drilling operations. Drilling Onshore, with its top speakers and panels, explores issues affecting the onshore drilling industry, including technology, management, perspectives on future onshore activity and regulation. The conference will be held virtually on 20 May 2021.

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