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Onshore Drilling Panel on the Gains & Hurdles of ESG

As we emerge from a period of inactivity for many drilling rigs, it is important to understand the obligations and responsibilities that are associated with rig re-activation and startups, whilst managing the additional risks and challenges/restrictions that the current COVID-19 pandemic incorporates.

In order to create conversation about how the industry will switch gears to meet the coming demand, IADC 2021 Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition will hold a panel discussion titled “Building an Authentic Approach to ESG.

This session will focus on today’s shifting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) landscape and how oil and gas operators can mitigate risk and capture opportunity through thoughtful ESG program development, stakeholder engagement, and authentic messaging. Discussion points will include the renewed focus on ESG in the sector, best practice in developing and executing programs that align with business objectives and stakeholder needs, and how – done right – a strategic approach can enhance reputation and drive value creation.


Travis Windle, Senior Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources, FTI Consulting

Mr. Windle advises clients on a broad range of matters, including crisis preparedness and response, transactions, investor activism as well as public affairs and corporate positioning programs. He also supports clients in managing regulatory investigations and related litigation matters that present reputational and financial risk.

Prior to joining FTI Consulting in 2009, Mr. Windle served as Press Secretary for the U.S. House Republican Conference, as Communications Director for the House Financial Services Committee and as an advisor to two senior members of Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation.

The Drilling Onshore Conference continues to be the only event specifically targeting onshore drilling operations. Drilling Onshore, with its top speakers and panels, explores issues affecting the onshore drilling industry, including technology, management, perspectives on future onshore activity and regulation. The conference will be held virtually on 20 May 2021.

Read more about the program on the IADC 2021 Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition page.