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New ISP Project Will Revolutionize the Participant Experience

ISP Subcommittee kickoff meeting for new ISP system project

A new project that will revolutionize IADC’s Incident Statistics Program (ISP) is currently underway. An ISP Subcommittee kickoff meeting was held on 12 January to initiate Phase 1 of the project.

The ISP currently utilizes an outdated program called Microsoft Access to enter and store data. Members have expressed a desire for the process of entering and accessing ISP data to be streamlined and to become more user-friendly. For this new project, the IADC ISP Subcommittee will work alongside tech partner Mi4 Corporation to create a completely new and updated system that participants can use to enter and access ISP data.

The proposed new incident statistics system will involve an online portal with secure, modern features. Each participating company’s HSE personnel will have their own login information to access the ISP system, where they can enter data directly into the system and will have real-time access to their own data on an informative dashboard. This streamlined process will increase efficiency for members and improve the participant experience, provide less room for human error, and improve reporting integrity and timeliness.

More About the Incident Statistics Program

IADC’s Incident Statistics Program was initially created to track safety and accident information across the drilling industry. To achieve this goal, it has a three-prong mandate:

  • To record data reflecting accident experience, which can be compared to other industries
  • To identify causes and trends of drilling industry injuries
  • To provide a means of recognizing rig crews for outstanding safety performance

This data is collected and published in ISP Quarterly Summary Reports, which include a year-to-date summary. ISP data is also published on an annual basis and is available on our website.

Since 1962, participation in the ISP has been voluntary and open to all drilling contractors. However, a company must participate in the ISP and be a Member of IADC in order to qualify for rig/unit recognition.

The IADC Incident Statistics Program provides for the recognition of drilling rigs that achieve a one-year period without a lost time incident or illness. The ISP also provides for recognition of drilling rigs that achieve the accomplishment of operation for a one-year period without a recordable incident or illness, with IADC ISP plaques available to order on an annual basis.