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McFarland’s March-April Editorial Discusses How Industry Continues Adding Value

In his latest editorial in the March/April issue of Drilling Contractor magazine, IADC President Jason McFarland highlights how the industry’s short- to medium-term obstacles are not distracting:

While these near-term challenges are being addressed, it’s important to note that IADC and its members are also focused on the long game.

McFarland contended how the drilling industry’s primary focus on collaboration, people, and industry value has stabilized the Association and the work its Members continue to accomplish. With IADC’s recent partnership with IPIECA, these new non-traditional relationships provide the framework for future collaborations.

Mentioning the Young Professionals Committee’s plans for 2022, McFarland offers an example of how the people-centric approach to Association efforts allow for committee work to continue.

As McFarland concludes, he provides a larger perspective to IADC’s Sustainability efforts:

In a world where perception, at times, overshadows reality, the industry needs to stay focused, and IADC is committed to doing its part.

Read Jason McFarland’s entire editorial on the DC Magazine website.