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Tech Forum at End of March: “Effective Communication Drives Well Delivery”

This 24 March Tech Forum will explore whether today’s tools and techniques help or hinder communication between drilling stakeholders as we execute wells in a fast-paced environment. Discover how organizations exchange information and maintain awareness to make good decisions when needed. For example, what is current best practice between disciplines and people to enhance our ability to listen, understand and respond with the best problem-solving efforts? Themes include:

  • How do today’s communications tools connect humans with minimal effort?
  • How do we know when we communicate effectively?
  • What are do’s and don’ts about visual input to increase understanding, apply knowledge and reach conclusions?
  • What are new approaches to clarify and sequence communication?
  • What needs to be communicated and when for decision makers?
  • When is face to face or a telephone call needed?
  • What are the new ways to communicate when face to face isn’t an option?

Registration Open

Event will be held virtually via Zoom from 08:30am to noon Houston time on 24 March. Reserve your spot through our online portal.

For questions or more information, email Linda Hsieh.