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KREW Bundled Together with Well Control Training Program

Screenshot of the KREW Continuous-Learning Platform for Well Control Concepts

As the KREW continuous-learning system launched its full-scale deployment last month, the KREW Steering Committee has decided on some strategic changes to the online learning platform for well control concepts.

KREW is a crucial tool for closing skills gaps, utilized in conjunction with IADC’s WellSharp program and certifications. The continuous-learning platform is designed to  the drilling industry retain critical on-the-job knowledge in between well control recertification trainings.

2-Year Access to KREW Offered with WellSharp Live

Effective 1 May, WellSharp Live test codes and certificates for Driller and Supervisor-level certification courses will automatically provide access to the KREW system.

The KREW™ database has been thoughtfully developed over the last two years with leading industry experts.

Brooke Polk, IADC’s Senior Director-Accreditation Operations stated, “Stakeholder alignment is always built into our processes. Our Members represent operators, drilling contractors, and field service companies. When our Members saw how knowledge retention could improve the skills gap observed in the field or after well control incidents, pairing WellSharp’s tradition of quality programming with KREW’s new solution for  industry-wide knowledge decay became a no-brainer.”

WellSharp Live Training

WellSharp Live is IADC’s virtual training platform for WellSharp program, created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing flexibility for the drilling industry, WellSharp Live was quickly designed, developed, and deployed in order to keep the industry trained and certified while social distancing policies were instituted. Recent changes to WellSharp Live’s guidelines and schedule of fees were recently announced.

For more information on signing your company up for KREW or incorporating content modules into the KREW system, contact IADC’s Program Manager, Gerardo Barerra.