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Introducing IADC’s “Riser Gas Handling Guidelines“ for Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Deepwater Operations

The Gas in the Riser Subcommittee of the IADC Underbalanced Operations & Managed Pressure Drilling (UBO & MPD) Committee has achieved a significant milestone with the release of the “Riser Gas Handling Guidelines.” Now available for purchase through the IADC Bookstore, the “Riser Gas Handling Guidelines” have been included as a stand-alone chapter of the IADC Drilling Manual, 12th Edition Revised. These guidelines are specifically designed to address the challenges associated with gas in the riser in deepwater rigs utilizing surface back-pressure (SBP) Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) or installed riser gas handling (RGH) systems as described in the guidelines. The document provides practical recommendations for safely managing gas in the riser, offering enhanced operational capabilities and environmental protection.

The utilization of SBP MPD/RGH equipment radically changes riser gas handling in deepwater drilling. Without this equipment, gas in the riser events pose a severe risk, potentially leading to uncontrolled riser unloading and adverse consequences for personnel and the environment. However, with the introduction of SBP MPD/RGH equipment, operators now have the means to manage riser pressure and control gas expansion in a safe and controlled manner.

The Gas in the Riser Subcommittee – consisting of seasoned drilling engineers, experienced offshore drilling professionals, and research teams – dedicated years to discussing, analyzing, modeling, and researching the challenges associated with gas in the riser. Their combined expertise has resulted in the development of robust yet straightforward guidelines. These guidelines offer a comprehensive approach to prepare deepwater rigs, equipped with the necessary tools, for effectively handling gas in the riser.

Acknowledging the importance of continuous improvement, the subcommittee continually seeks feedback from the deepwater drilling community and encourages collaboration from volunteers passionate about enhancing safe drilling practices. Interested individuals can visit the UBO & MPD section of IADC’s website to find additional information and contribute to this ongoing effort.

IADC Member companies now have access to purchase the Riser Gas Handling Guidelines, providing them with valuable resources to enhance safety and operational efficiency. These guidelines equip drilling personnel with the knowledge and strategies necessary to mitigate risks and effectively handle various gas in the riser scenarios. By following these guidelines, the industry can elevate operational standards, safeguard the environment, and prioritize the well-being of personnel. The IADC UBO & MPD Committee strongly encourages the deepwater drilling industry to embrace these guidelines and actively contribute to the ongoing improvement of riser gas handling practices.