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Introducing IADC’s New “H2S Safe” Training Standard!

This month, IADC is officially introducing a new training standard titled H2S Safe. H2S (hydrogen sulfide) is a highly toxic and extremely flammable gas that may be encountered during drilling operations. The IADC H2S Safe program was created because there was a need for a drilling industry specific H2S training standard. This program is geared towards individuals who have the potential to be exposed to H2S or an H2S environment. 

According to Mike Garvin, Patterson-UTI President and Chair of the IADC North America Onshore Advisory Panel,

“H2S is a serious hazard that our employees may face, and I’m thankful to the IADC for developing a standardized approach to providing our employees with knowledge to help them mitigate that hazard!”

The IADC H2S Safe training standard, which has taken a year to create, meets and exceeds the ANSI standard as it pertains to the drilling industry. The development team – a group of subject matter experts – also developed additional content based on industry-specific needs. The development team consists of the following: 

  • eCubed Training
  • Moxie Media
  • Noble
  • Patterson-UTI
  • Precision Drilling
  • Transocean
  • Well Control School
  • West Texas Training Safety Center

Once curriculum and program drafts were finalized and went out for industry comment, additional drilling contractors provided review and feedback for enhancing the draft curriculum before it went to final vote. This particular program not only went to the IADC Health, Safety, Environment, & Training (HSET) Committee for review and comment, but it also went to the IADC North America Onshore Advisory Panel for review and final vote. Members involved in the North America Onshore Advisory Panel include: 

Cactus Drilling Citadel Drilling Energy Drilling Ensign Energy
Helmerich & Payne Independence Contract Drilling Kenai Drilling Latshaw Drilling
Nabors Nicklos Drilling Norton Energy Patterson-UTI
Precision Drilling Robinson Drilling Scandrill Unit Drilling 

Gene Stahl, President of Drilling Operations at Precision Drilling and Vice Chair of the North America Onshore Advisory Panel, commented:

“The IADC H2S accreditation program was designed by our industry and captures the specific knowledge and skills required when working in this environment. Consistent with all IADC programming, you can expect the H2S program to provide independent verification, while ensuring delivery of the highest quality and consistency, with equivalent standards, and alignment with national standards.”

Information about IADC H2S Safe 

The IADC H2S Safe training standard consists of a core curriculum and an optional add-on supplement. Four (4) classroom hours are required for teaching the H2S Safe curriculum. An additional one (1) classroom hour is required if adding the H2S Safe Plus supplement. Course length excludes the knowledge assessment time. Instructor-led training (both in person and virtually) for the initial and repeat delivery of this course is required. Demonstration is required to be incorporated into the course content delivery.

Examples of positions or job roles of recommended attendees for H2S Safe are listed below. This list is not inclusive of all positions or job roles that may require the training: 

  • Office Personnel
  • Visitors (Land Based)
  • Rig Personnel
  • Any personnel that may be exposed to H2S

Examples of positions or job roles of recommended attendees for the optional add-on supplement, H2S Safe Plus, are listed below. This list is not inclusive of all positions or job roles that may require the training: 

  • Rescuers in H2S Environments
  • Working in a known H2S Environment
  • Personnel clearing H2S / H2S Technicians
  • Rig Management
If you would like to receive more information about IADC H2S Safe, please email h2ssafe@iadc.org