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International Tax Seminar to Cover Tax Implications of Brexit in UK & EU


In the aftermath of the Britsh imbroglio that is “Brexit,” business leaders across the globe are curious what’s in store as the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) slowly comes into effect. Any normal trade agreement between two countries will have its nuance and complexity, but, given the context of Brexit, the TCA goes beyond traditional free trade agreements and provides a solid basis for preserving the longstanding friendship and cooperation between the 27 current Member States and 1 former one.

While trying to protect their respective interests, ensure fair competition, and continue cooperation in areas of mutual interest, the EU and UK tried to strike a balance. Despite the best of intentions, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement will disrupt the way in which businesses operate in the short- and medium-term.

  • How will VAT registration and compliance work now?
  • What is the latest on EU and UK State Aid and subsidy limitation rules? 
  • What liabilities might be incurred if your company doesn’t appoint a fiscal representative?
  • What is the fate of Intermediary Entities/SPVs in the EU?
  • What disclosure obligations will ESMA require moving forward?

The second- and third-order effects of these questions are still not known, but the practical real-world impacts are being prepared for right now.

In order to foster a constructive, informative dialogue about how the industry will adapt to a changing landscape in the United Kingdom and European Union, 2021 IADC International Tax Seminar will hold 2 panels on Day 1 of the 2-day seminar:

Brexit Happened, So What Now for Tax Policy in UK and EU?

Tax Structuring Using European Intermediary Entities & EU Transparency Rules Update

These sessions will focus on the issues relevant to industry for the short-, medium-, and (possible) long-term. From structuring cross-border investments to transparency directives to securitisation disclosure requirement, its important to know what the potential tax obligations, transparency requirements, and government subsidies your business might be exposed to.

CPEs Available

No prerequisites are required. 16 CPEs are available for the full event. Interactive polling questions will be used to earn CPEs. Available only to the Members of the following organizations:

  • IADC
  • SPE
  • PESA
  • IAGC

Read more about the program on the IADC 2021 International Tax Seminar page.