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IADC Collaboration with SPE to Host Committee-led Symposium during 2021 International Drilling Conference


SPE DSATS / IADC ART 2021 Symposium

How to Automate at Scale in the Current Industry and Societal Environment?

These are times of almost unprecedented crisis for both the E&P industry and for society as a whole. Automation technology holds out the promise of increased efficiency and reduced cost, but its rate of uptake is far from rapid. The CAPEX constrained environment increases scrutiny on every dollar spent by operators, service companies and drilling contractors alike.

Can we demonstrate convincing return on investment in automation technology? Can we show clear OPEX reduction through automation facilitated remote operations? Can we challenge the premise of capital investment being essential for technology progression and show CAPEX-free development and adoption are viable, situationally-appropriate concepts?

The Symposium will explore these closely linked issues through a combination of keynote presentations and panel discussion. There will be specific focus on addressing the proposed questions from the perspective of North Sea experience, as well as the current pandemic and the E&P industry’s downturn.

Updates on DSATS, IADC ART, and the Drillbotics competition will bring the formal element of the Symposium to a close. Following a short break, attendees will be able to meet panellists, Symposium organisers, and other attendees in breakout rooms and to ask questions and continue discussions in smaller, less formal groups.