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IADC Attends 10th Session of IMO Ship Design & Construction Subcommittee

At the most recent session of IMO’s Ship Design & Construction Subcommittee (SDC) meeting at IMO Headquarters in London the week of 22 January, IADC participated in the SDC Subcommittee’s working group to revise the provisions contained in the IMO’s Guidelines for the Reduction of Underwater Noise (URN). As the concern for environmental impacts on the marine environment continues to garner the interest of an array of stakeholder groups, the IMO has taken steps to revise these guidelines as a means to encourage their adoption by organizations that conduct maritime operations.

Originally introduced in 2014, the URN guidelines provide for a framework of technology and design considerations that seek to mitigate the impact of underwater noise on the marine environment. The revisions currently being progressed are focused on balancing URN concerns with IMO energy efficiency mandates addressing green house gas (GHG) emissions from ships and cultivating an “experience building phase” for employment of noise reduction measures and practices, the results of which may be shared throughout the global maritime industry.

IADC will continue to engage in these efforts with a particular interest in how technologies and best practices might benefit assets engaged in offshore oil and gas operations. This revision initiative is targeted to be completed in 2026.

IADC’s History with IMO

Since 1975, IADC has retained its observer delegate status at IMO. One of two upstream oil and gas association having such access, IADC is prominently recognized and frequently referenced by the global maritime community for its specialization and proficiency on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) concerns. IMO member countries regularly consult with IADC on safety and environmental matters unique to MODUs.