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HSE&T Asia Pacific to Explore Cultural Change

As oil and gas companies adapt to changes in markets, stakeholder expectations and new regulations, they are consistently being forced to develop new strategies and change their structures.

In order to create conversation about how the industry will switch gears to meet the coming demand, IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific 2021 Conference & Exhibition will hold a panel discussion titled “Cultural Change.

This session will focus on how a company’s culture can have successful shifts while aligning strategy and structure. These shifts are an organizational process that require buy-in from all representative stakeholders. In this session, industry stakeholders, leaders and experts will share their insights and responses as they explore the industry’s embedded work processes, resources and solutions for achieving the desired cultural qualities.

Peter Hone, VP Technical Business Development, MR Group
Marc Vaillancourt, COO Eastern Hemisphere, The REACH Group
Thanawee Kreethapon, Manager, Well Completion and Intervention, PTTEP
Scott Denon, HSE Advisor / Drilling & Completion Department Myanmar E&P, POSCO International Corporation

Wayne Bauer, Director of QHSE, Vantage Drilling

The Asia Pacific region continues to position itself as a dynamic and vibrant market where rapid economic and demographic growth will sustain demand for oil, and gas drilling and exploration in Asia in the foreseeable future. However, the industry needs future-ready leaders to drive the transformation to ensure the industry is equipped with relevant competencies and capabilities in order to overcome current and future industry challenges

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