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McFarland Editorial: IADC Forging Paths of Stewardship


In his latest editorial in the March/April issue of Drilling Contractor magazine, IADC President Jason McFarland discusses how living through a historic year like 2020 meant coming together to solve problems. That type of collective action necessary for a COVID-defined world is the lifeblood of an international trade association like IADC.

IADC brings various stakeholders together for thought leadership, cross-disciplinary collaboration and distribution of best practices. These member-driven and IADC-facilitated efforts will continue in 2021 and beyond.

McFarland outlined how IADC forged new paths of good stewardship within the industry. Those initiatives ranged from joint trade coalitions, renewed public policy discussions, and new approaches to training.

New Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) initiatives come just at the right time in the industry, supporting the industry across the globe in communicating the real value of our contributions. Due to this effective manner in measuring results, the Association believes a standard set of benchmarks is how the conversation can find some common ground.

In addition to the public perception, McFarland detailed how the Association “is helping key decision-makers at all levels of government to understand our contributions” as the new Biden Administration establishes up new regulatory heads and executive orders to restrict the industry’s growth.

To keep the industry moving in a time of crisis, IADC is supporting new solutions to training the industry’s workforce about safety and well. With WellSharp Live virtual training option and KREW continuous-learning platform, IADC is meeting trainees across the globe where they are. With information “digitized for easy distribution and effective instruction,” the platforms can keep the industry’s workforce sharp on the critical concepts they need for managing well control events.

Other initiatives like the Basin United program provide the largest petroleum-producing basin in the United States with a unified safety orientation program that leverages the latest in adult-learning theory to create a safer Permian Basin region.

As McFarland concludes, he provides a larger perspective to IADC’s efforts for 2021:

The history that we are living through has proven that working together is the best way to meet the challenges yet to come.

Read Jason McFarland’s entire editorial on the DC Magazine website.