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Know Something about the Drilling Workforce for the Future? Submit an Abstract!

The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee will hold its Q1 2022 Technology Forum on 30 March under the theme “Drilling Workforce of the Future.” How can drilling engineers prepare for what may be long-lasting changes in our industry in relation to an effective workforce? In this forum, we would like to explore potential gaps between current industry problem-solving techniques and those of the future, how drilling teams may be organized, repurposed and reshaped, and the most effective tools and skills needed to address future needs.

The deadline for abstracts is 14 February 2022. Click here to submit an abstract. To register to attend the event, click here.

Possible Topics for Abstract

How are drilling problems changing and are new approaches necessary to solve them?
  • Digital integration
  • Data Influence
  • Domain knowledge
  • Decision making
  • New vs old approaches
What is the current impact of drilling technologies on drilling teams and how are these technologies and teams evolving?
  • Rig of the future
  • Drilling automation
  • Technology solutions
How are drilling teams changing across the sector and how is society influencing these teams?
  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Belonging
  • Remote working
  • The great shift change
  • New business models and partnerships
Are sustainability trends impacting drilling workflows and how are drilling teams responding?
  • Result and Trends
  • Energy Transition
  • Market expectations
  • Adaptation of ESG initiatives
  • Stockholder influence

Abstracts are invited for presentations to address these topics by submitting an outline of what they’d like to discuss.

For more information, contact Linda Hsieh, linda.hsieh@iadc.org, +1-713-292-1945, ext 219.