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From the President: IADC project provides new insights to enhance oil and gas recruiting

In the January/February issue of Drilling Contractor (DC) magazine, IADC President Jason McFarland discusses the need to improve the drilling industry’s public perception and attract new talent. IADC’s Industry Value Initiative, launched in 2022, was aimed at understanding perceptions of the industry among potential employees, identifying what job seekers desire in a career, and equipping Member companies with insights to aid in talent acquisition. 

IADC contracted Brunswick Group to conduct research for this initiative. The research revealed that higher familiarity with the industry often correlates to increased interest. However, awareness remains modest, indicating significant opportunity to enhance public understanding. Messaging should align with prospective employees’ aspirations, such as work-life balance, career growth, and professional development.

McFarland explains,

“Attracting talented candidates will require finding compelling ways to communicate the advantages of working in this industry.

Directly addressing potential employees’ prevalent concerns like environmental impact, job insecurity, and workplace hazards is also crucial. Showcasing the industry’s commitment to sustainability and to cultivating an inclusive work culture can combat outdated myths and accurately reflect industry’s values. Utilizing messaging around advanced technology can also help reintroduce the industry and reshape antiquated perceptions.

To spread these messages, company websites and social media platforms are fundamental avenues to educate potential recruits. Additionally, empowering current employees to be passionate and authentic ambassadors for working in this field is essential. Potential employees surveyed indicated if they were considering a career in drilling, they would turn to family, friends, and acquaintances with a career in the industry as their most trusted sources of information.

As McFarland states,

“With compelling, research-based messaging, we can capture the interest of the future workforce. Our success depends on conveying what makes this work so meaningful – both to seasoned employees and promising newcomers alike.”

Click here to access the IVI Executive Summary and research findings.