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Feedback Needed on Standard Format Equipment List for Semis & Drillships

DrillBits Newsletter - Updates To StandardFormatEquipmentList for Semis & Drillships

An IADC Working Group has been assigned to revise the Standard Format Equipment List for Semi & Drillships. This is an exhaustive piece of work with over 6753 line-items. The primary purpose is to update and modernize the list to reflect changes in the field.

The standard format equipment list has been developed to provide a comprehensive summary of all relevant items of equipment and to streamline the tender process of both contractor and operator. In order to obtain maximum efficiency, users are advised to maintain the precise order of the format into request provide any additional information on specific equipment as an addendum, referring to the appropriate section number. The Working Group’s feedback form is available online.

The initial comment period ends 18th September, so the working group can ensure all perspectives are taken into consideration.