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Event Recap: DEC Q3 Tech Forum Discusses Challenges in Attracting New Talent

From left to right: Eric van Oort, Blaine Dow, and Scott Beautz

On 21 September, IADC’s Drilling Engineers Committee (DEC) hosted its Q3 Tech Forum, “The Future of Drilling: Brain Drain Manifesto.” The first portion of the forum consisted of a panel moderated by event co-organizer and DEC board member Blaine Dow of Schlumberger. Dow facilitated a discussion about challenges in attracting and recruiting the next generation of talent to move industry forward with panelists Eric van Oort with The University of Texas at Austin and Scott Beautz with the U.S. Department of Energy.

For the second portion of the event, participants worked in breakout groups (both in-person and virtually on Zoom) to brainstorm and identify specific actions industry can take to address central challenges in appealing to new talent. The breakout groups were divided into four main topics of consideration: industry branding and perception, technology development, engaging prospective new recruits, and more collaboration between companies and disciplines. A while later, everyone reconvened and a participant from each breakout group presented the group’s ideas and suggestions for specific actions industry can take to address these challenges. The ideas discussed at the event will be used to draft a manifesto document outlining tangible next steps that can be taken.

Drilling Contractor magazine interviewed Blaine Dow following the event. In the interview, Dow discusses in detail the context for the forum and how the idea came about, the key areas of interest discussed during the forum, and the steps that can be taken to get more people involved and interested in careers in this industry.