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Drilling Contractor Magazine – Sept/Oct Issue Now Available

Sept/Oct issue of Drilling Contractor magazine is now online!

Read the new issue here.

Autonomous drilling at scale: How close are we? Economic and interoperability challenges will likely keep near-term focus on automating specific tasks that can realize tangible efficiency gains

Zero-emission power-generation system in development for land rigs using hydrogen fuel cells: System will be lab-tested next year to prove it can meet extensive power needs of drilling operation before starting field test on Ensign rig

Manufacturers pave path to hands-free drilling with automated tubular handling: Systems rely on advanced robotics and modular components to reduce need for manual labor, improve rig floor efficiency

Noble harnesses nano-KPIs, global equipment data to deliver insights, drive consistency:  Integrated performance analyses help to identify operational variations, improve tripping speeds

Maersk relies on new ways of working to drive energy efficiency without large capital investments: Project focused on embedding energy efficiency into existing processes, procedures without adding complexity for rig crews

Safety tools in the digital age: Intelligent tracking systems provide new methods of keeping personnel out of harm’s way

2021 IADC ISP report shows rise in incidents and fatalities, highlights need to renew focus on safety: Global LTI rate jumps by 30.8% compared with 2020, while recordable incidence rate also up by 20.8% and number of fatalities increases to 7

Surveillance system tracks movement of personnel and equipment to reduce risk of injury in rigs’ red-zone areas: In GOM field trial, system helped to identify blind spot around moving tong system

Removing human judgement in tubular running services promises precision, consistency: As drilling contractors take on additional services at the rig site, automated systems
can fill competency gaps, improve efficiency

Jacob Bruster, Unit Drilling, Profile: Teaching rig crews can be as rewarding as teaching kids, but you have to know how to build trust


Corporate culture shifts can help industry retain Gen-Z workers: Companies should provide clear promotion tracks, outlets for young talent to voice concerns