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Abstracts invited for 27 June IADC DEC Tech Forum

The IADC Drilling Engineers Committee will hold its Q2 Technology Forum on 27 June. The topic will be Safety and Technology Systems. Abstracts are invited to present on the below topics. Deadline for abstract submissions is Monday, 15 May. Click here to submit an abstract.

Activity in the industry continues to increase, introducing many new people to the workforce. At the same time, new technologies and tools have enhanced the drilling team’s capabilities and provided greater visibility into field operations. This forum will focus on how drilling engineers can use safety systems in well construction and harness efforts to improve safety, reduce turnover, and improve competency.

The forum will be split into two sections:

Section 1 – Technology devoted to HSE systems/processes
“How are you using safety technology and systems to improve safety?”

What we hope to see:

    • Safety systems for short-service employee training/tracking
    • Safety systems for automated checklists/permits
    • Technology that improves well control understanding/compliance
    • Employee competency training systems
    • Technology which reduces language barriers/improves communication
    • Good catch recognition systems
    • Technology to inform rig site crews of 24, 48 and 72 hour plans
    • Verification and validation of HSE systems with technology
    • Automated trip sheets
    • Technology that improves MOC creation/approvals
    • Data tracking for transitioning from TRIR data tracking to SIF (Serious Injury/Fatality) prevention
    • Data Influence
    • Domain knowledge
    • Decision making
    • New vs old approaches

What we don’t want to see, as other forums are already focused on these topics:

    • Culture/leadership training
    • Safety initiatives that don’t involve technology – STOP cards, good catch cards, MS Excel tracking

Section 2- New Technology that greatly reduces SIF exposures
“What new hardware have you installed that greatly reduces SIF exposures?”

What we hope to see:

    • What new rig floor technology is reducing/eliminating manual tubular handling (not presented before)
    • New and improved red zone management technology
    • Technology to enhance kick detection
    • Technology to reduce/prevent surge and swab
    • Methods to validate/confirm appropriate equipment interlocks are in place and are empirically tested
    • Technology that reduces the likelihood of performing unnecessary tasks (reduces trips, reduces circulating time, reduces BHA handling)
    • Other technology that has been implemented and greatly reduces SIF exposures

What we don’t want to see:

    • Technology that has been presented multiple times at prior events
    • Technology that is focused on efficiency with a marginal reduction in SIF exposure

The event will be held the morning of 27 June as a hybrid event. For virtual, a Zoom link will be sent to registered attendees the day before. For in-person, the event will be at SLB MI Swaco, 5950 North Course Drive, Houston, TX 77072. We greatly appreciate SLB MI Swaco for hosting this event.

For questions about the DEC Committee in general, contact Linda Hsieh, +1 713 292 1945 or linda.hsieh@iadc.org.