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“Celebrating Safety” – Member Highlights from October

IADC’s “Celebrating Safety” Campaign 

IADC’s ongoing “Celebrating Safety” campaign highlights, recognizes, and celebrates Members for their commitment to health and safety. The goal of the campaign is to showcase rig crews that have reached HSE milestones and share noteworthy health and safety best practices. This is a part of IADC’s ongoing effort to keep safety in the spotlight and applaud Members for their excellent work in this area. 


Valaris Health and Safety professionals in Brazil participated in mental health and psychological first aid training. Over 35 employees, including rig safety advisors, medics, and nurses, were equipped with the necessary skills to adeptly identify and respond to mental health-related cases in the distinctive offshore environment.

Valiant Oman Oilfield Services 

Rig 29
3 years without a Lost Time Incident or Recordable Incident

Helmerich & Payne

Helmerich & Payne’s new HSE campaign is aimed at spreading awareness of successful HSE programs and the valuable resources that help accomplish HSE goals and objectives. People who sign up for their new H&P Actively C.A.R.E. Newsletter will gain complimentary exclusive access to: 

✔️Downloadable Safety Content

✔️Videos, Resources, Tools & Templates

✔️Rig Safety Training Materials

✔️Practical Tips

✔️Monthly HSE Discussion Topics 

The newsletter and revamped HSE section of their website are new, but H&P has been pioneering the SIF-based approach to safety through their Actively C.A.R.E. (Control And Remove Exposures) program for a while now. They’ve taken an innovative approach to safety and are sharing useful and effective resources with the industry. 

About IADC’s Incident Statistics Program

The IADC Incident Statistics Program provides for the recognition of drilling rigs that achieve a one-year period without a lost time incident or illness. The ISP also provides for recognition of drilling rigs that achieve the accomplishment of operation for a one-year period without a recordable incident or illness, with IADC ISP plaques available to order on an annual basis.

IADC’s Incident Statistics Program was initially created to track safety and accident information across the drilling industry. To achieve this goal, it has a three-prong mandate:

  • To record data reflecting accident experience, which can be compared to other industries
  • To identify causes and trends of drilling industry injuries
  • To provide a means of recognizing rig crews for outstanding safety performance

This data is collected and published in ISP Quarterly Summary Reports, which include a year-to-date summary. ISP data is also published on an annual basis and is available on our website.

Since 1962, participation in the ISP has been voluntary and open to all drilling contractors. However, a company must participate in the ISP and be a Member of IADC in order to qualify for rig/unit recognition.

IADC’s “Celebrating Safety” campaign includes recognition on our social media platforms (LinkedIn & Facebook) and our monthly eNewsletter DrillBits. If you’re interested in participating, please email Katie Carr, IADC Senior Coordinator – External Communications.