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Australasia Chapter Recognizes 2023 Safety Award Winners

On 22 May, the IADC Australasia Chapter held its Safety Awards for 2023. The Chapter’s award program is open to all Onshore and Offshore Members and designates a winner for each category. Congratulations to the 2023 winners: 

  • Onshore – Ensign International Energy Services
  • Offshore – Valaris 

Thanks to the Chapter sponsorship, winners are given the opportunity to send one candidate to the IADC World Drilling Conference. Last year, the Onshore winner utilized this opportunity to send a  candidate to the conference in London, UK. This year, Valaris, as the Offshore winner, will be extended the same privilege and will send a candidate to attend the conference in Madrid, Spain.

Out of 11 Chapter Members, 8 participated in the Australasia Chapter’s 2023 Safety Awards. The safety statistics for participating companies were provided quarterly and submitted in accordance with the IADC Incident Statistics Program (ISP) Official Rules and Guidelines. 

The combined onshore and offshore key statistics included:

  • 5,661,198 man-hours of operation
  • 8 Medical Treatment cases
  • 14 Lost Time Incidents
  • 12 Restricted Work/Transfer Cases
  • TRIRFR = 1.2011
  • DARTFR = 0.4329
  • LTIFR = 2.47
  • 0 Fatalities

Again, congratulations to Ensign International Energy Services and Valaris for winning the Australasia Chapter’s 2023 Safety Awards!

Pictured right is Luke Smith (IADC AC Chairman-Onshore), presenting plaque to Justin Shooter, SA/WA Area Manager (Ensign International Energy Services)
Pictured right is Luke Smith (IADC AC Chairman-Onshore), presenting plaque to Jason Chaplin, Rig Manager DPS-1 (Valaris)